International Den Helder Open Judo Championships 2018

The DUN HONG Budoclub hereby invites you to the 41st International Den Helder Open Judo Championships, which will be held on the 24th and the 25th of November 2018 at the Sportcentre, Schootenweg 2, 1785 LV Den Helder.

The tournament is approved by the Judo Bond Nederland under number

Clubs from England, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Wales, Scotland, France, Hungary, Finland, Israel, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Croatia, Austria, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Macedonia, Norway, Sweden and of course The Netherlands will be invited.

Enrollment occurs through an email to:                             OHKJudo

Closure date enrollment:                                                       sunday 4 november 2018

Application fee:                                                                       € 10,00 per person

For further information:
Invitation 41st International Den Helder Open Judo Championships 2018

Download Entryform 24 november 2018

Download Entryform 25 november 2018