OHK / Tournament 2016

Internationale Open Helderse Judo Kampioenschappen (OHK)

zaterdag 26 en zondag 27 november 2016

Sorry, we have made a mistake in the invitation.
We have removed the following text:
“For these weight changes and other mutations due to incorrect information on the application form, an administration fee will be charged”.


120px-Flag_of_the_Netherlands_svgUitnodiging 39e Internationale Open Helderse 2016



120px-Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom_svgInvitation 39th International Den Helder Open Judo Championships 2016



120px-Flag_of_France_svg39e Tournoi International Ouvert de Judo de Den Helder



120px-Flag_of_GermanyEinladung zur 39ste Internationale offene Helderse Judo Meisterschaften 2016